Some design issues for novice user (footer, menu header, block height, slideshow)

Hi everyone
I just signed up and I’m taking my first steps with Webflow, I have got these 4 problems:

  1. Footer disappeared: the footer is visible inside the editor in design mode while it disappears in preview mode or in the live site (in the sense that no content is displayed but the element appears to be there as blank space at the bottom of the page).

  2. Misaligned menu items: the last two menu items in the header (“Gli esperti”, “Come la pensiamo”) are displayed out of alignment with the other menu items in desktop resolution, while in higher resolution they are displayed correctly

  3. Height of the blocks: in homepage in the section “Il percorso in 6 Masterclass” the blocks of the various masterclasses take on different dimensions due to the different size of the images, I need to block that space, the right size is that of block 1 “Engaging Citizens”, all other blocks should be equal in height

  4. More cards / blocks in the slideshow: in the pages of the individual masterclasses “E-commerce pages → Courses template” (you enter by clicking on a masterclass in the appropriate section of the homepage) after the content I see the preview of only 3 masterclasses while I need to see the blocks / cards of all 5 masterclasses through a horizontal slider where I see the first 3 as now and then I can scroll sideways to see the others, or with the card all visible on two lines

I’m almost ready to put my first project online, thank you very much in advance to anyone who wants to help me.


Here is my site Read-Only:


Courses template (Masterclass page):


  1. There’s an interaction applied to the Footer, and to an item within the Footer (and there are also multiple page interactions). Sometimes multiple interactions can conflict and cause display issues. Experiment with deleting the interaction from the Footer.
  2. Change the alignment of the first three nav items from ‘Stretch’ to ‘Center’.
  3. Set the ‘Course Card Wrapper’ to flex and Align to ‘Stretch’. Adjust spacing as needed (Perhaps also set a height to the image element?)
  4. In the Element Settings the limit is set to 3, increase this limit as required. Then place the entire Collection List Wrapper inside a Div Block and set the display to Flex Horizontal. Give each item a width as desired (300px for example), then set the overflow of the div to Scroll. This will enable horizontal scrolling.

Hope this helps.

Hi Craig
thank you very much, with your support I solved points 2, 3, 4 (in the latter case I was unable to create the slider but at least you can see all 5 cards with the various masterclasses, I like the effect, for now ok like this then I will also learn how to create the slider), as regards point 1 instead I noticed that the footer is seen on Chrome and Firefex while it is not seen on Safari, I tried to disable all the animations in the footer but the result has not changed, could it be that this is a different kind of problem? A webflow bug with Safari? I hope not.



Courses page:

Hi - It appears from my end that there are still several interactions in the Footer - try deleting some of these, it appears they are causing the display issues.