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Some custom CSS not loading/showing in inspect

Hello guys,

I’m trying to add custom CSS to a class in order to use the mix-blend-mode property.

I’ve added some custom code inside the tag of the page in order to do so, but also after publishing the change do not appear to work. Checking “Styles” in the web inspector, it does not show the property to have been loaded.

What’s even stranger, it’s that other properties specified for the selection background color are correctly loaded and working.

I’ve tried everything and I’m on the verge of going insane, so I figured was a probably best to ask for your help instead of ripping my hair off one by one.

In order to debug and find the problem, I’ve created a page with only the target div
inside the body, and modified the property to simply change the background color, but even this way things do not work.

Here’s the custom CSS:

Here’s the published page to inspect:

Here’s the project in read-only mode, the problem is found in the “FillTest” page

(I can’t share only the page in read-only because I’ve started from a template, so I can’t duplicate the project to leave only this page, and I can’t replicate the structure on another project because requires hosting)

Thanks in advance for any help guys. :pray:

Hi @cripto,

first of all for the blend mode you need two objects, which overlay. And second there is no CSS called “mix-blend-mode” in your CSS, or?

I can help, but what would you like to do?

Hi Matthias,

first of all thanks for your help.

You are correct, there is no mix-blend property there because to debug in a simple context I tried to change a simpler property (background color, that should override to a magenta), and even with this it doesn’t work and doesn’t show up in the inspector (differently from the selection color, which you can see there it has been loaded)

Regarding the use of the mix-blend property per se, I’ve tried on the actual page to add the property from the inspector, and it works like a charme.

So the problem is not dependent from the specific property, it’s simply not applying any custom style to the specified class.

Ok. I understand.
You named your class wrong “.fill_cover” not “.fill-cover” in CSS

Sh***********t how stupid. Sorry man I don’t know how I missed it.

Thanks for your help.

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