Custom Code - Error, comes up in red

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a little trouble with the custom code section.
I’m literally copy pasting what everybody is suggesting yet it (“Mix-Blend-Mode” part) keeps coming up in red as seen in my image.

I think I’m having the same problem as this thread, does anybody have this problem?

All I’m trying to do is to get my nav-menu text to have the mix-blend-mode: difference; so it can be visible on either lighter background or darker background.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi @Mmmmm , welcome to the forums and your first post!

I would love to see the published URL to the page you are trying to get this running on, so I can inspect the code.

The red highlight is probably just the result of the code hinter not recognizing that CSS parameter; that should not stop a browser that supports mix-blend-mode from displaying it.


Thank you @webdev for your reply.
The page I’m trying to apply is this one.

To the top nav text link.
My browser should be able to show the CSS so I’m a bit puzzled…

Thanks for your help

Your class name in this pages HTML source is top_nav_text, as class names are converted to lowercase on publishing. That should resolve the targeting. You may have to work through display issues in addition.

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Thank you for your reply, I wasn’t aware of the lowercase issue.

I managed to change the class to all lowercase yet it still isn’t working on my browser.
I’m using chrome 75 so it should be able to display this class…

Would you perhaps have do any other suggestions for the things I may be doing wrong?

Thank you so much

I would work the issue out in jsfiddle or codepen. Might have something to do with your background ( or lack of one).

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Hi yes you are right - it was the lack of the background as noted on the site you shared, as it worked on another element.

I guess I will find another way for now.
Thank you so much for your help to figure out the issue!

Best regards