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Fixed elements not fixing

Mornin’ y’all, I got issues… navbar issues.

I can’t get this navbar to stay fixed to the top of the page as it scrolls once it has completed its page load animation/appearance. I want the Columns row saying “private group tastings” and “artisan cheese” to be fixed to the top of the page after completing its element click animation.

Not sure what I’m missing… Have tried overhauling all the z-indexes and re-nesting the elements in different parent elements and nothing has worked so far.

Read link:

I’m not a coder, but at a guess, I’d say it’s something to do with the jquery that’s on your site that’s not allowing the Navbar to maintain a fixed position.

If I remove the child perspective from the Body, the site won’t scroll at all, even in the designer mode, which doesn’t seem right.

EDIT: (It wasn’t a code issue)

There’s something going on with the body element. Possibly being broken by something set to offset an interaction somewhere.

When I remove the children perspective value, the entire page stops scrolling. I am not aware of anything that SHOULD be acting that way.

Of course, there are other strange things going on with this page. Large negative values being used for positioning and top-level elements being positioned absolutely generally tend to lead to really weird things like this.

Might be worth duplicating your site and removing the code, see how you get on with that? Just to see if it’s that first.

@Cricitem You have a picture! :scream:

Hmm, thanks for the replies, I’m looking into the negative values you mentioned. I’ll try playing around with those.

I haven’t actually added any custom code though, Markos what code/jquery do you mean?

Ah, ignore me, sorry. :grimacing:

It’s the default code Webflow uses that tells the site to use jQuery 3.3.1. I just saw jQuery and jumped the gun!

As mentioned, the body element is acting weirdly, as Cricitem says, the structure’s not helping much.

Yep, no worries, back to the drawing board…! I’ll see if I can clean things up a bit, hopefully that’ll help

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Hello @doyourthing

The problem it’s in the first interaction of your hero section:

Thanks @aaronocampo that seems to have fixed it.

I didn’t realise an interaction on one page would affect the flow of elements on a different page even if they aren’t connected. I guess it’s a lesson not to have empty interactions sitting around…!

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Hi there,

I am having a similar issue in that a CTA button ‘fixed’ to the bottom right of the screen fails to transition in half-way down the screen, instead is fixed to the bottom of the Body.

This issue has now applied to the modal form triggered by clicking the apply now button at the bottom - it appears fixed to the top of the Body opposed to filling the viewport.

I have no idea why this has suddenly occurred.

Read link: