Hover animations overlapping

Hi all,

While working on the hover animation in the work section on my portfolio site I’ve noticed there are moments when 2 images overlap when hovering over them fast. However, this doesn’t happen when hovering slowly.

Even when I take away the custom code or the hover ccs animation on the text itself ( which makes it fill white) I can’t seem to fix this issue.

I was wondering if anyone would know how I can resolve this or what I could do to achieve the same interaction with a different construction that would not cause this problem.

screenshot when it functions normally on slow hover over the titles

screenshot of when it bugs because of fast hovering over the elements

Are you working on this section by chance? I loaded up your project and I’m not able to trigger any change within the left-column images from your screenshots.

I’d imagine you’ll need to tweak the interaction a bit to ensure that only the active image is showing—but without seeing the effect as you intend I can only speculate on what that change would be.

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