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SOLVED: Footer overlapping with body

Dear Webflow support,

can you please help me out with the following issue?

if you go to the following page, you will see that the footer is not at the end, but is overlapping with the body.

I created a copy of the page some time before as a backup.
I compared all settings from both sides, but couldn’t find any differences in terms of position.

The current position settings are:

Hope you have an idea, what went wrong and how I can fix this.

Please note that the footer only seems to have an issue on this page, but not on the other pages.



Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @khuynh, thanks for your question. Could you also please share the read-only link to the site?

Thanks in advance!



Hi @khuynh, thanks so much for the read-only link. The issue seems to be that on the page, the last section before the small footer symbol has a fixed height of 495px, and the Section nested class is having overflow visible.

There is a dynamic list inside of that section, which has content longer than 495px, so it appears that the footer is floating above the other content, when in reality, it is the content in the section which is overflowing the 495px height.

My suggestion is to change the Section class to have a height of Auto instead of 495px, and then the footer should appear normally.

See my attached screenshot:

I hope this helps!


Awesome, thanks a lot.

That solved the problem!!

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