[SOLVED] Changed grid element into Display: Block on Mobile Portrait → Images doesn't get displayed on when viewed in on mobile

Hi guys,

I have a fixed element called fixedElement, which is a Display: Grid-element. To alter the design for mobile portrait I change fixedElement to Display: Block.

Within fixedElement there is a image-containing layers called visual and logo which for some reason doesn’t display when viewed on mobile screen (despite displaying just fine in the Webflow builder preview)
Here is the uploaded version: https://jonaimil-com.webflow.io

Is there a way to fix this?
Please check Read-Only URL below.

Thank for taking your time to check to this.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Jon, welcome to the forum.
I can’t tell for certain if these changes will help without applying them and republishing, but they’ll point you in the right direction.

If these don’t work, I’d replace your IMG with something else, like a DIV with a background image, or even a Code-embed static image. That way Webflow won’t apply its media srcset logic and you won’t have the disappearing image situation you’re facing now.

Video here-

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Hi Michael!

Thank you so much for your video reply!
This is super appreciated! I will try try some of your tricks and update you on how it went!

I already tried to make the individual image elements block elements, but it did’t work.
But I will your other suggestions!


I tried to rebuild the grid element from a div and then set it to display:grid and block at the specific levels, but it didn’t work either


I think you best bet at this point is just to replace the IMG with DIV and set your logo as the background ( centered, contained ). Whatever the conflict is you’re having that’s causing the media srcset issue can’t happen with a background image.

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I see!
This is very helpful so thank you for the advice!