Snazzy Maps Help

Hi there,

I’m trying to color over a map on my site with a Snazzy Maps theme. I’ve read multiple threads here on the forum, but I’m not really able to follow the instructions. Would anyone be willing to do a new step-by-step to show me how I can get the desired effect over the map below? (The map is at the bottom of the site)

Here’s the snazzy maps style I’m trying to apply to my map:

Here’s my published site: (The map is at the bottom)

And my read-only site:

Thanks much,

You can’t nest a script block inside a style block.

Where is your custom style code?

I see you haven’t tried this yet.

Sorry, what’s left in there was my last failed attempt. I did try that other method but to no avail. I will update my links with as far as I got using that method.


Hi Samuel,

I must have done something wrong the first time because it’s working now. Thanks for the nudge!

In all seriousness, I appreciate the help.