Snazzy Maps, Almost Got it Working

Hey everyone,

I went through cyber daves tutorial completely about how to embed a custom google map and style it with snazzy maps.

I input all the code, and created my map section, though I’m stuck now and can’t figure out what I did wrong

If anyone has acouple mins and is willing to look at what I did, I’d really appreciate it, thanks so much!

I’m trying to get the map into the div where it says Send Us Love, I made a dataContainer in there and in the settings of that, named it map.

You are missing a closing bracket } for the mapOptions object.

It should go before this line:

		var mapElement = document.getElementById('map');
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dude thank you! that’s crazy how just 1 bracket can make something not work.

Thanks for taking the time, I am learning js right now btw <3 but am still nub

Is there a way to create that location icon that’s normally there?

Take the time also to understand how to debug custom code.

See #1 and #5 here Posting Guidelines for the Bugs Category

Seems like there is a marker created in this tutorial Using Custom Google Map with Color Styles from Snazzy Maps

That’s what I thought to but it’s not popping up, i probably f’d something up

will check out that debugging tutorial