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I’ve a small problem with my new website ( On the (cut down) mobile version the ‘Editor’, ‘Patient Access’ and ‘Contact’ pages all drag left when viewed on a smart phone (portrait or landscape). ‘Home’ and ‘Setup’ pages stay static. I can’t see why this could be. Please can anyone help?

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Also on the iPad version the ‘business-man’ image in the home page slider shows just above the bottom of the row in portrait (on the android pad the image is one the line as it is in the desktop version). I did add a class just to position the business-man image for portrait tablets but isn’t sorting. It would be good if there was a way just to set the image to be at the foot of the column then it wouldn’t matter about the relative positioning (is there a way?).

Many thanks

Hi @pnewest, thanks for your report. I cannot see the overflow (the sliding to the left) on tablet, mobile landscape or portrait on those pages, did you fix that already?

On the Business man image, you can first put a div into the column give it a class, set that to relative position with a width and height set to 100%.

Next put the image into the div and give the image a class with absolute position and anchored to the bottom. That should fix the image directly to the bottom of the column.

I hope this helps !

Hi Dave

Many thanks for looking at this. Firstly I haven’t fixed the overflow problem. I get the problem using an HTC M8 (Android 5.0.1) using Chrome. Oddly when using the default Android Browser I get the same issue but on Setup, Editor, Patient Access pages (Contact is ok). Not a biggie but just wondered what might cause this.

For the Business Man (Mascot) positioning I tried your suggestion to but am falling at the final hurdle. When I click the bottom anchor the picture goes above the row. Incidentally If I click ‘top’ it’s about 30px above the bottom of the column. I also tried this as just an image (rather than as a slider) in a test page and got the same result

Is this what you mean by Anchor Bottom…

Structure is Row > Column 2 > Mascot Div (100% height / Relative) > Mascot [image] Absolute /

many thanks

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