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Smaller responsive image not showing on desktop just giant original; or do I just not get this?

I’ve read this article over and over again, and the links within it:

It all sounds logical. Being a previous Squarespace user, the also served up scaled down images to fit no matter what the original; seemed to work perfectly no matter what I uploaded.

However, for desktop at least, I do not see Webflow serving up the correct image size. It always seems to serve up the original highest resolution image. Webflow guys haven’t been able to make me understand, so maybe one of you in the community can. My main example:

on this page:
— Any of the “poster” images down at the bottom, have “max-width: 991px” in the actual code… however, it always serves up the original 2000px wide, instead of the generated 1080px image, which clearly exists. I don’t understand why this happens? I would assume it uses “max-width: 991px” to determine the next closest image resolution?

I’m clearly not understanding something, because that’s not what’s happening (and, it doesn’t seem to be happening on any page, really). Read only link works below, and should go to the same page as above (if not, it’s the page called “Siam Seaplane.”

Thank you, Paul

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Paul,

On my end it seems like the 1080 was loaded:

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Hmmm… ok. Can I ask what browser and what OS? Because, still for me in both Chrome and Safari on the Mac, it doesn’t do so :frowning:

But, really appreciate you giving it a look!

this is from a Chrome on a MAC

Curious, what resolution is your screen? Is it a Retina display?

I just brought in my “ancient” 2012 MacBook Pro, and it is serving up the 1080px version, but quick screenshot says the space is like 438px wide.

Basically, on my machines, different OS’s even, it’s serving up double the size.

I tried checkmarking the “HDPI” image checkbox, and that made no difference to either machine. I simply must not get why it seems to serve me images that are double what’s needed (or more).

Yes, retina.
Naturally when one uses retina / large screens the default size will be the original… but once I change the screen width it automatically changes to the smaller sizes.