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Smaller font for page names in Pages tab

The smaller font of page titles will allow seeing more info on the actual page you want to jump to.

Above I had to change the Thank you page title to be able to distingush it from the landing page.

It’s 12 px. Where the rest of the UI panels use 11px. A change from 12 to 11 gives you 2 more letters. At 10, it gives you 5 ou 6 more characters. I admit I’m already barely comfortable with the 11px UI. Anything under would be infuriating :slight_smile:

So I don’t think the font size will change anything to the problem. A larger side panel can fix that easily. Or a tooltip that lit on hover.


Guess you’re right.
At least the discussion is started, which I like.
Resizible side pannel would probably be the best option.

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This exact problem, I have it outside of Webflow. I’m listening to a lot of classical music and the filenames are very long, starting by the less interesting (common) part, by convention. I can’t use Spotify nor Apple Music nor Quobu nor Google Play Music apps… even in some of the cases, the desktop apps :slight_smile:

As for the web, what you see on Webflow pages panel is what users see on browser tabs. So it feels natural to give pages short titles so they’re actually readable by users. If you want a secure title, it’s up to 26 characters for default Chrome tab but 19 will make it readable on most of the browsers (values come from my own, surely incomplete researches on desktop and mobile. On mobile I don’t mind too much, swapping pages highly relies on pages thumbnails).