Slow main page mobile loading

Hello, I have encountered kind of a strange issue.

My main page is loading very slowly on my phone, however my other pages load fine (contact, about). On my main page I have tried disabling the gallery, the header, the footer, animated sections, nothing really helps. Almost a blank page with just one section just load slowly on my mobile. It’s so bad it can’t be used normally. A few months ago it was loading up just fine and I haven’t changed anything.

However I have tried another phone and the main page seems to load up fine.

Why would a page reduced to a simple section load so slow? And other pages with the same section + other sections plus a bunch of animations load ok? It doesn’t make sense.

So I have resolved this issue. It seems like there is a bug in Webflow that renders responsive images blurry. I wasn’t aware of this issue so I turned on HiDPI for all my images in my gallery. It turns out this was slowing down everything. I have turned off HiDPI but I also had to turn off responsive images. It would be great if devs fixed the issue with responsive images.

Another issue is that Firefox on mobile is a lot slower than Chrome.