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Slow fade into another picture on hoover?

So I got this design where I have a link box with a picture and I added another darker picture on a hoover so when you hoover over it it switches from light to dark. I am getting a instant switch without a slow smooth transition. Here is a public link to show you what I am facing. Hoover over the house icon. When you hoover you will see a instant transition from light to dark. Can you guys shed some like on how I should set it up so it fades instead of the instant change?

Also… how do you delete the hoover or pressed options once you add them?

Hi, since there’s no specific transition option for changing the background image, just delete the transition for the link box that you currently have set for “opacity” and replace it with “All properties” at the very bottom of the list. Then set your timing to whatever you want. I set it to 3000ms just to test it and it did fine.

Edit: Just a note, your link box is a really large area that extends well outside your graphic. The transition starts to happen before you get to the image, which feels odd to me. Just a thought to maybe reduce your link box size to fit your graphic dimensions better. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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Great! I’ll try your solution as soon as I get back from lunch. Yeah… the box is way too big, its a few little kinks I have to address. Thxs a million! Also, do you know how to delete the hoover all together? I clicked on the “hoover” title box and no option pops up to delete. I csn set it to none but a little dot stays lit next to it.

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It worked! Thank you for the solution.

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