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Slight Horizontal Overflow

Hey webflower,

after searching in this forum on my own and not quite getting the solution that works for me I’m asking for help.

On my site I’m currently working on (link below) I’ve got a horizontal scrollbar that scrolls like a few pixels to the right. I already changed it to 100% instead of 100vw and that helped slightly.

I’m kinda lost now.
Appreciate any help <3


Here is my site Read-Only:

Yes, it happens to me too!

does anyone know a solution?

I think I found a way:
The horizontal scroll when using 100wv is caused by the vertical scroll.
The solution can be to set max-width to 100%.
It worked for me

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Yeah that’s what I did already, it cuts everything off but it still lets me scroll there even though there isnt anything

Alright, I thought I already did that but seems like I didnt. It works now. On mobile it still doesnt work though :confused: might be a cashe issue though