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Sliding Menu Help


I have a sliding menu on the right side that gets activated by clicking the hamburger/menu icon on the top right. The problem is that it only slides in the first time. If I close the menu and re-open it again it doesn’t slide in from the right side, it just appears. How can I make this menu slide in more than just the first time. Thank you in advance.

this is the link to the site:

webflow project:

Hi Herardo, I would recommend using Interactions 2.0 and leaving the legacy interactions in the dust. Here is a video of how. They are much more powerful and easier to use and adjust visually

hope this helps



Thank you!!! That was extremely helpful!!! Worked really well. One issue I’m noticing is as the menu is sliding out from the right side I’m getting nav bars showing up in the browser for a few seconds and then going away. Is there any way to fix that? Thank you in advance.

please open this link to see what I mean:

Actually, I figured it out. I activated the overflow section.

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Hello, I was also wondering how I can add a close action so that when the user clicks anywhere on the black area of the screen the menu closes, just like clicking on the “X” Thank you in advance.

on your close interaction

chage to all elements with this class. You only have one menu per page.

this works in preview

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