Slideshow with Videos Continues to Cycle Even When Video is Clicked


I have a slideshow or scrolling marquee at the top of my homepage. It was working fine, but I added an extra slide with an additional video, and now the slideshow continues even after you click on an image or video. Could someone take a look and tell me what setting I’m missing to fix this? I’d like the slideshow to stop so the video that has been clicked can play through.

There are 4 slides. The first is an image with a link, the following 3 slides are youtube videos.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Check the slide setting - did you set it to infinite ?

Yes, I was hoping it would just cycle but that a click on the play button would stop the cycle so folks could watch the video. I will try unchecking “infinite” and maybe put in a value. See what that does. Thanks.

Ah, no luck. Changing from “infinite cycle” didn’t help the problem.