Slideshow doesn't appear in cell phone view


I’m re-building my website, but when I “publish” and inspect, the slideshow I have on the front page does not load when looking at the site on a mobile view. In the inspection portion inside Webflow, it shows… But when I load the website on my cell phone, the slideshow does not show up. Anything under 479 x “X” doesn’t show the slideshow.

Anyone able to offer suggestions???
Greatly appreciate it!

Here is my site Read-Only:
[1]: Webflow - Testing-1 2

Hey Brock,

It’s the flex layout on the wrapper, have a look here-

Thank you so much, Michael!

Been trying to figure out why it wasn’t showing, so I started messing with the px vs % which is probably what got the slideshow not showing up in the first place, ha.

Greatly appreciate your time and the video was excellent!!

I’ve made the changes and it all works out!

Thanks again!