Slider with Swiper JS Help

Hi all,

I’m looking for help on a project that uses Swiper JS. I’ll preface this with: I know very little about coding. I got the original code from which used to be a cloneable, but looks like it may no longer be.

Everything used to work perfectly. But when I opened the project today (a few months later), there seems to be something glitching in the slider.

When the page first loads, the 3rd bottle is missing (green supreme juice). Once you hit the arrows and the slider moves, the problem seems to be resolved. Just wondering why the 3rd bottle isn’t showing on page load now.

Any suggestions?

Read-Only: Webflow - 24 Carrot Juice


Hey @therebrandlab

There are a couple things which could have gotten changed in the meantime. As much as I can see from the URL where you copied the code they have the same issue.

I’d firstly try to remember when you created the page and what was the latest swiper script available at that time and try to load that one specifically on the page rather the version you are loading right now as that is pulling in the latest version as soon as it’s released. Maybe something got changed in the meantime and now your slider is failing.

As far as the image goes try loading images eager with page load or go through swiper documentation to see if they have a parameter for that specifically.

Let me know if this helped or if you need more assistance

@marko-ninja, thanks for responding. Seriously – I didn’t even know where to start with this :sweat_smile:

I created the website in October of 2022. How would I go about finding/loading that specific swiper script?