Slider with Bkgrd-Images VS Slider wth CMS-Images

Hi, (sorry for my english I’m writing from Italy…)
I’m working on a porfolio site for a Fashion Photographer and I’ve realised what is was looking to achieve with Webflow: very clean, minimal site:

Every Image is a Slide Image of the slider, so are backgound images.
This is causing 2 major problems:

1- the background images (for what I know) are not automatically resized by Webflow for different devices, so it’s too heavy for mobiles
2- the background images cannot be modified by my customer with the Cms-Editor (I’ve discovered this when I already finished the site…)

SO, I’m working now on a new verision, where each Image slide is coming from a Collection, so my customer should be able to modify the images with the Webflow Editor and the images should be resised for mobile by webflow automatism.

My problem is that I’m not able to center the landscape images on the mobile view: I’ve also tried using Flexbox, but I’m not able to sort it out.

this is the link:

If somebody has some help to give me I’ll be very happy

Many thanks


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Hello, Pietro (@Magicopit)!

This issue can be fixed in few steps:

  1. Make .slideimage position:relative
  2. Give some class to Dynamic List Wrapper and make it position:absolute
  3. Set positioning value for the Dynamic List Wrapper top: 50% and Transform - move up: 50%

Should work and center images that has landscape orientation


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thanks for your suggestion: it works now!:grin:
many thanks

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