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Slider 'section' disapears in Editor modus

Hi there,

when I login as my client in the editor modus, the full page slider disappears and is therefore not editable.
Client needs to change the slider image(es) en txt weekly. So I’ve tried to get them from CMS, but that is not possible, because I could not place a slider in a CMS listing.

So now what?

That’s strange. Can you post a screencast video of you using the editor without being able to scroll through the slides?

Hi Gilson,

Here the video:

As you can see, between the topnavigation and the section “Gekozen als één van de …” should be the slider.

Greetz, Erwin

@gilson: Did you had a chance to take a look at my video?

Greetz, Erwin

Hey @Erwin

I just saw your video and that’s a reaaaaally odd behavior.
Could you try a simple fix and let me know if that worked out.

Change your Home slider height, from 100% to height: 100vh.

Hi @gilson

Yes, setting the height to 100vh works!
But I 'm still not able to change the image(s) of the slider, because the edit button it is out of reach (right top of the screen). See my movie: