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Slider rescaling issue


I seem to be having problems with slider images when it is rescaled on a browser a gray block appears in the mask area. Not sure why this is happening? If you try to rescale this page: example page example you see what i mean. Client is launching the site tomorrow and will be sending out the link to 2000+ people, would great to fix this issue by then id possible.

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Ty it has something to do with the arrows from what I can tell. Since you aren’t using them. Delete them and see if that fixes the problem. As the slides progress space for the forward of back arrows is being made. I can’t really see why. I use a different method for the cms sliders making use of cycle2 js since I have never been able to get the webflow one to work dynamically as I would like. But if you click forward on the slides. I was testing on the wedding page it was leaving almost the exact spacing of an arrow bar. And as I clicked forward it double and then again. So I think it has to do with them. They are not mandatory to have in the slider. You can delete them.


Just tried deleting it from one of sliders, published it and I’m still having the same issue. The thing is it was working fine for ages and all of the sudden this issue appeared. Confused because main page it works fine and everything is pretty much the same.

HI @Ty_Lou, I would try setting the back ground images on the slider to full cover with a top or center anchor.

Right now there is no cover background style on the background images so they are showing according to their own size and aspect ratio and revealing the grey background color of the slide.

I would recommend something like this for each slide background styling:

I hope this helps.

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