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Slider: Random order image rotation [Solved]

Hey guys,

with the current webflow slider, is there a way to have it show in a random order each time the page loads? Has anyone successfully done this yet?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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@seank did a quick search on the forum and it looks like this might be helpful :wink: Different slider each time the page loads

@Waldo - you’re the man… that is exactly what I want. Would i place this on the page’s custom code section or on the main website custom code section?

@Waldo I’ve been using the code for some time now but noticed that when the page loads it displays the first slide for a split second before the random slide appears. Is that how the code works or is there a way to fix it? Thank Much!!

@Anya if you have a long dynamic list or many slides in a slider then the content may still be loading before the js fires. You could always set an opacity fade from 0% to 100% on the Slider on load that waits for all assets to load in first (see the Load interaction and the “wait for all assets to load” checkbox in the interaction settings). :smiley:

Awesome thanks, that’ll do perfectly!!! :kissing_closed_eyes: