Slider pause on hover

Great new feature this slider! Really amazing.
However, when auto-play is set… there’s no option to “pause on hover”. It’s not available, or can’t I just find it?

Would love to hear the possibilities!


Currently the autoplay turns off when the user interacts with the slider (clicks on arrows or bottom nav). Temporarily pause on hover would be an interesting addition! Thanks for the suggestion @rowan!

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Oh, now I see the pause after clicking on arrows… Didn’t notice it before. But still it’s not what I’m looking for… I need automatic play, but just pause on hover. I think that’s the best way a slider should behave. At least sliders with auto play :smile:
will wait for it!

We’ve talked about the hover/pause idea at HQ, and one of the downsides is that when you have a full screen or full header slider, it will be in a constant hover state, rendering the auto-play somewhat useless. Additionally, hover state is not available on touch devices.

With our slider, if you touch or press anywhere on a slider or slider controls, the auto-play will stop. This includes any content within slides as well. If possible, we’d like to avoid any situation where the user can inadvertently start or stop the auto-play timer, preferring instead to make them feel in control.

That said, we’ll keep the hover states in mind! Thanks for helping us make webflow better :+1:


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