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Desperate need for "Slider pause on hover" - client request!


Happily working away with my beloved Webflow - then the client asks this morning for the following tweak “Insert pause option on slider”.

This was his first change, an important one. The slider has info on each slide, so I guess the client wants to make sure people have time to read, pause etc.

I’ve read lots of people asking for this option over 4 years ago and there doesn’t seem to be a solution. Is there?

I see by clicking on the slider it DOES pause, but you can’t restart it again.

Please tell me there is a solution, or I’m going to let my client down.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey, @Pie, your public share link doesn’t work, can you please edit it ?

Also, it won’t be possible on a regular webflow slider but you could recreate one i guess.

Hi @Pie I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question (and clients request things for certain reasons), but perhaps you should try to steer the client away from having a slider at all. If the information is relevant to the user, and you foresee a user actually digesting that information, it is generally accepted that a slider is a poor user experience. I would recommend breaking up that information if possible.

Here is a Webflow blog about this as well that may have more polished reasons for avoiding sliders:

Hope this helps

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Thanks :slight_smile: wil take a look

Sorry, now added the link :slight_smile:

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Hey @Pie,

Sorry i read too fast : At the moment, the autoplay turns off if you click on the slider, but you can’t turn it back on.
In my opinion it’s not a real problem for your case. Once the visitor understand it’s a slider and that it’s paused, he ll use the slider navigation.
However if it’s important information people need to read etc, might not be the right place to put it.
Hope this helps,

Thanks Zbrah.

The info in there is only taster information, a quick overview, so it’s not a problem.

I know he’s seen sliders that pause and continue, but it looks like it’s not an option.
thanks :slight_smile: