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Slider on mobile swiping cards

What would be the best way to create cards that are swipeable when turned to mobile view? I have tried using a slider and hiding the arrows, but swiping doesn’t work without them. any help would be greatly appreciated. For the link below, please convert to mobile and check out the 3rd section (below the blue brands’ section) thank you!!

Here is my public share link: (look at mobile, haven’t done desktop yet)


  • create a “div”
  • set a width “100%”
  • set it to “flex box”
  • set it to “overflow” “scroll”
  • put your “cards” into this “div”
  • set cards to “don’t shrink or grow”
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thank you for this Matthias, Im only stuck on the last step. Im not sure where the option is for “don’t shrink or grow”.