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How to make a card row move as slider when resized to mobile view?

Hey guys!
I’m a recent admission to webflow and it’s amazing to see how much we could implement by webflow. Thanks to its makers. I have been following a previous live stream by @PixelGeek about recreating airbnb slider in webflow. I have been working on similar concept but slightly different when it comes to responsiveness.
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This is the reference site and this is the link for my webflow project which is incomplete

IPlease check the second section right after the hero section, it has a different layout on mobile and desktop. It has got slider capabilities when turned to mobile view

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I am actually trying to figure out the exact same thing. I have been looking for weeks now and have yet to find an answer. I would try to help with the little I have found so far, but your site links aren’t working. It takes me to a 404 page

If you’re looking for something like this:

Then, check out this project:

Hope it helps!

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Wow! This works amazing well and exactly the thing i was looking for. I later figured it out some other weird way and got it working. Bookmarking this for next time use case. Thanks @myonke

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The swipping on this is really difficult. it kind of works on my phone but it’s not very fluid. like, it swipes sometimes and not other times. I tried it on both Android and iOS and it’s the same thing. When i swipe up and down it works perfectly for the mobile scrolling but left to right on the cards it’s really finiky.