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Slider not working inside 'hidden then visible' Div

Hi there,

having lots of fun working with Webflow, but have just hit a wall I can’t seem to get around. It’s strange because the problem doesn’t appear when I put the same content and interactions on a separate web-page.

The first problem is that the slider does not auto-play when placed inside a Div that is initially hidden. It works fine on a separate page, but does not work when inserted inside a hidden then shown Div on the home page.

The second problem is the slide images progressively offset themselves to the right of the slider window, as I click along the Slide Nav.

Not all the site is up, so to see what I’m seeing click:
WORK ‘Open’ button, then scroll down to ‘Activating Museum Collections’, click ‘OPEN PROJECTS’ button, then you should see THE WORLD MUSIC GALLERY project. This is the slide show I was referring to.

I’ve spent a load of time trying to be-bug this, but have come up empty. Any advice would be really appreciated!



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