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Slider not working after Wordpress install

Hello there,
I’m working on a website and I have a slider list that I duplicate on the website. The html version works right but once I made the changes to Wordpress the second slider is not working.
The images are being loaded correctly and I am using timthumb in both slides. Actually, the function to load the list items is the same for both sliders list.

The link is below:

You have to click in a button (selecionar) in order to the second list of slides appear.

The error that I can see in the browser are:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘mask’ of undefined (Google Chrome)
TypeError: data is undefined (Firefox)

I have no idea why it works on the first slides but not in the second one.
Can you help me, please?
Thank you, you definitely rock!

Hi @jaquedeveloper, I think the first thing to check, is that on the published site link you provided, you have webflow.js loaded in the head and just before the body. Remove one of these instances, I would remove the instance in the header and try again.

Secondly, you have the modernizer script loaded just before the body, and this should be loaded in the head.

​I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi, @cyberdave, thanks for your response. I just fixed that and the problem persists.
Really have no clue, since the html structure is the same and the images are being loaded.
For some reason it is not reading when it loads for the second time…

Hi @jaquedeveloper, thanks a lot for the update.

We do not support wordpress conversions of exported sites, however looking at the site, I can see on the trouble slider that you are using PHP in the image link. It might be the slide is executing before the image has loaded.

Could you try to make a test page, and use only local images, and see if you can reproduce the same issue?


It doesn’t. When I load it locally, with the native html code it works fine.

The site loads the images at the same time, the div is only with
for the second list of slides and when you click on the button it changes to

The php extension is related to a script that crops the image automatically.
I believe if that was the problem, it wouldn’t have loaded the first slides list either…
I loads the images but it doesn’t works, the slider doesn’t changes the images.

I tested it without the


statement and it loads correctly.

So, I’ll try to trigger a jQuery event after the page is loaded to hide the elements, let’s see.
Thanks for the insight.

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