Slider not adjusting to content

Hi - Can anyone tell me why my slider isn’t auto adjsting to my image sizes please? All the heights are set to auto? On the ‘Henderson Rea Copy’ page. Thank you

Hey @Roxzfr,

I believe the slider element defaults to a certain height, ~300px. Because of this, anything element with a larger height than the slider’s will be cut off by the mask. To fix this issue, you will have to define the slider height.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Roxzfr and @Hamilton thank you so much for pointing that out, this looks like a bug and we are investigating this issue now.

Currently the workaround to correct this issue is to:

  1. Add a class to a slider element
  2. Then type in the word Auto into the height field for a Slider element and press Return (or Enter on your keyboard)

This will override the 300px default height style from the .w-slider class.

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Thank you @Waldo. Appreciated.

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