Default slider element height says "auto" but is 300px


I’m right in the middle of the ATLAS Tutorial ( and have one little problem with the slider section. When William increases the height, he says it would be set to 300 pixels – but in my case it already was set to “auto”. So I couldn’t change it to “auto”. But now I have the problem that – after adding margins to the text beneath the icon – the last text line has moved out of the way.

I tried it twice. Everytime the height of the slider was set to „auto“ (although webflow support says that the default slider height is set to 300px).

Please click my public share link. In the lower part of the page you can see two sliders. The second one it the one I am working on (with the text line which has moved out of the way). The first one I just added. So it’s brand new … but the height is set to “auto”, not to 300 px.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Here is my public share link:

Hi @Frankieboy thanks so much for posting this! We’re still working on an update to show that the slider default height is 300px within the Designer, it says auto but has a default height of 300px.

So what you’ll do is select the Slider element, then go to the Style tab and type “auto” into the height style of the slider and it should resolve the issue as shown in this quick video:

Please let me know if that work around helps resolve the issue at hand, I’ll post an update once I have more information regarding the default slider height.

Hi Waldo, this is first class service! Thank you so much for the video. Everything worked out fine!


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