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Slider Missing Slides at Mobile Breakpoints

Hey everyone.

First time posting and first time having this issue. I have a Slider on the homepage of the site I’m building which is giving me some trouble. The first two slides appear to be fine at all breakpoints, but once you scroll to the rest of the slides, they do not appear at the Mobile breakpoints - Landscape & Portrait. If anyone could help me figure out this issue, it would be a big help!

I’ve attached the read-only and published link, as well as a screenshot of the missing image from one of the slides at the mobile breakpoint. The missing slides are identical to the second one, but with different images and text.

Ready-Only Link:

Published Link:

Thank you!


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Hi @jdanese, thanks for the post. The issue is that there is some position/display overrides on the slides, make sure that display and position is set to default as shown for your slide 1:

The slider is a scripted widget, changing the display or position on the slide will break the slider.

If you are looking to style content in a slide, I suggest first to leave the slide with default display and position, then insert a div nested inside the slide element and style that div as a wrapper to other content using Flexbox:

I hope this helps

Hey Dave

Thank you for your help. However, I am still having the same issue. I changed the display options and wrapped all the items in a container on each slide but they are still not showing up. If you could give a little more help, I would appreciate it.



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