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Slider makes page too wide

Hey everyone!
I’m down to the last issues before my site can go live. I’m having troubles with the slider.

Here is the live site:
Here is my site Read-Only:

  1. Slider causing the page to be too wide on all but desktop. The user can scroll into blank space which looks pretty uncool. (Nothing like idclip from Doom 2…) Pages affected are about-dax, recording, mixing-pfss, mixing-external and equipment.
    By contrast, pages like Control Room 1, 2 and 3 (which have a different slider setup) behave as one would hope.

  2. Those problematic sliders are displaying correctly in the Designer, but the exported code makes the slider shorter than it should be:

  3. SOLVED (see below) These slider problems are actually breaking my on-scroll interactions in the footer of the pages. You can see this by checking, with a mobile phone, the pages /recording.php /mixing-external.php /mixing-pfss.php /equipment.php

  4. (bonus) It would be swell if the slider wrapped around completely rather than show empty slides at the end when set to <100% width (ie multiple slides on-screen at once, like a carousel.)

Thanks everyone!!

Since I never sleep (ha), I managed to find a solution to one of the points (point 3). So now, even though the slider doesn’t look right, the interactions work.

The solution was to manually add overflow: hidden; to the .multislider and classes in the site’s .CSS

Can’t say I don’t try to help myself! :smiley:

Hoping to get a solution to the height problem for mobile portrait orientation problem, please!