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Slider like carousel

I’m trying to make a slider auto-play to look like a carousel that is slowly looping.

The slider animation is currently set to 20.000 ms, and the auto-player is set to have a duration of 20.000 ms. This creates the slide effect that I want, but I can only achive this by having the delay of 20.000 ms.

If I set the timer delay to 0, than the slide won’t stay for long, and start the slide animtation way before the last slide animation has finished.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Here is my site in Preview: LINK

You might be able to do this with interactions as well. By animating divs to move but it’ll likely be a lot more work. What you are doing isn’t really the expected behavior of the slider component so what you’ve done is likely the best you’ll get without custom code.