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Slider issue on mobile version

Hi there,

We have noticed that on the mobile version of our website (only when looking at it on our phones) our website main slider gets cut in half… see attached… any ideas why?

Our website is

Shared link is:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @mattmcs, thanks for asking about this. I am sorry to hear of the trouble :-/ I took a peek and it seems that there is some overflow on the site in mobile portrait view.

Take a look at a quick video I made to show where this overflow is coming from:

One recommendation I have, is that instead of using really long links, rather put some text that describes the link, and then turn the text itself into a link, by selecting the descriptive text, click the link icon and then paste the url the text should be linked to, in the URL field.

Once the overflow is corrected, the problem should be resolved. It is possible there might be some other overflow caused by some styling somewhere else, but this at least are the obvious overflow culprits.

I hope this helps!

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