Slider inside accordion breaks after browser window resizing

Hello all!

I am designing my portfolio website and I am having an issue with the slider not working properly.

The sliders live inside accordions, each representing one of my projects.
Everything seems to work well except the fact that when you load the page and then resize the window browser while an accordion is closed, when opened again the slider is broken and only displays properly the first image. The others seem to keep the state they should have had before the window resizing. If the site is reloaded it works great, until it gets resized again.

From what I read I should redraw the slider when opening an accordion to refresh its state?
Don’t have the knowledge to do it. Could be possible to have some custom code that is triggered by the accordion tab to refresh the slider before it is displayed? Is redrawing the slider the correct approach?

I would appreciate any comment. Thank you a lot in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Dimitris portfolio

And a published weflow link: