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Slider hooks for external interactions and IX

I would love to have the primary hooks for the slider to coordinate or be driven by other interactions or external buttons/links like onClick or Hover:

go to and play (n) slide
go to and stop (n) slide

The slider is a very accessible and potentially a tremendously powerful approachable content / dispatch / event handler for very complex content. External hooks would make a world of things possible. With those base hooks exposed and available in IX it would be absolutely amazing.

Things it could enable:

  • Init slide when user scrolls into view.
  • roll over driven navigation.
  • custom thumbs
  • non-linear storytelling using IX rich animations / infographics / walkthroughs.
  • adaptable, contextually custom slider UI so that teh designer can define special case behaviors like pause on hover / resume on hover out.
  • designers choice and freedom of user interaction suitable to their (or their clients) content, intent, purpose and context.

I love the slider - it is amazing and liberating to be able to insert any content of any complexity and drive IX on and content with slide in or out. With a few hooks exposed (even through external scripts) it could be a powerhouse tool for loads of creativity.

Tabs accomplish some of this, but do not have an interval timer for auto playback, relative navigation (forward / backward) or choices for transitions (slide, crossfade). As an alternative, those additions to the tabs component would accomplish the same end objectives.