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Dispatch events or calls in IX to trigger awesomeness

Adding the ability to trigger an event from an IX chain to call another external IX event would build a robust and dynamic sequencing for incredibly scaleable and approachable sequencing engine. I can list some examples if you need further input into what it would enable. It would be a super accessible version of what Greensock’s tweenMax can accomplish - crazy powerful stuff.

Calling events like scroll to anchor would enable the snap to functionality everyone is clamoring for with better implementation and greater flexibility than anything I have seen on the web as a closed system scroll hack. It could be added to scroll IX and add amazing functionality with the scroll range offsets already in place. I think you just need the scrollto anchor event call

if anchor is within range of scroll offsets > activate scroll to with the easing of your choice. The best part is it would work with a full height page layout or to snap to any anchor point anywhere on a single page site regardless of spacing. Even as an event when an expanding panel opens to align that section into view. it would be the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use.

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basic calls for internal and external links in IX are also needed to set a delay to dispatch an event after an animation completes.

Good day,

I’ve got an animation happening to the button when it is pressed, but since it is a link, it goes to the next page before the animation is done. Looking very choppy…

How do I go about fixing this?

We could benefit from an event handler in IX that has the ability to make an external call for the standard link options. Currently I don’t believe there is a way to handle this in webflow. I added a wish list feature request for this last night:

I added this example for a delayed event call - if you wouldn’t mind please chime in. It is a great example of a simple use case.