Slider element - only play when in the viewport

Hello! I am attempting to use the Webflow Slider element in a way that only allows the autoplay feature to run whenever the slider is in view. My client is experiencing an oddity in that whenever he scrolls back up the slider very rapidly fires all of the slides that have been autoplaying in the background as he progresses down the page.

I should note, that I’m exporting this and loading it into a Wordpress website.

Does anybody know of a solution for this?

tl;dr: Need to only autoplay the Webflow Slider element when it’s within the viewport.

Any insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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Here are relevant links: The slider I have here:

Here is a video of the issue in action:
This is after being off of the tab for less than one minute and going back to the tab.

If anybody has any insight on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it!

My project’s share link:

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