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Slider backgrounds showing half height - why?

Please see site page:

In the first slide there is a background image - it only displays at half height. The other slides are inserted images but as I want to add text content over the top I would rather set them as backgrounds but they will only display at half height if I set them as backgrounds to each slide.

Have tried all sorts of settings and displays - nothing obvious causing it.


Actually the firstslide is now blank. In my design view I can see a background image at half height but on the published page simply a blank slide.

I don’t see any issue with the slider… images are displayed entirely for me.

Hi @BFast, is there still any issues with the slider design? See my video, I looked at both the preview and published site, and it seems to be looking the same:

Cheers, Dave

I could not get the slider to work with background images - they only
display half height so instead I worked round it by inserting images onto
each slide and fixing the positions as absolute in order to then add text divs
on top.

So I never did solve the background display problem but will it matter? Is
it not so good to do it this way with absolute positioned images?