Slider arrows are overlapping text when viewport scaled down

When I scale down my viewport between breakpoints, the slider arrows overlap the slider text. The arrows are not respecting the text’s left and right margins. I’m sure I missed something simple, but have tried everything I can think of. Help, please? And, thanks!

Here is my public share link:


Try to change the margin to 10px on both arrows.

Thank you. That doesn’t quite work. The arrows are still touching text. I would like the arrows to never touch text on any breakpoint.


Sorry for that. Can you share A screen shot that shows how the arrows touch the the text? At witch point is it happen? after you changed the left & right margin

Hi! Happy holidays. I’m just getting back online from a few days off.

This is so strange to me…I do have margins set, as you saw, and they’re not translating exactly as they should. By making them larger as you did, it does seem to work, so thank you very much!