Slider arrow outside the slider

Hello every one Can somebody help an old designer trying the new tech ?

I did follow a great tuto name beoplay episode 2,( Beoplay - 5-minute Webflow Jam Session - Part 2 - YouTube)

but the slider do not work on my test, and nobody reply.could someone please have a look ? ( I speak French, German, and a little English.

My test

Thank you veryyyyy much


dein Link funktioniert nicht. Hat sich dein Problem gelöst? :slight_smile:

Danke Sonja für das E-mail

Nein leider
Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Paul Dahan

Hello sonja

I just wanted to tell you that I did found out the problem

When you copy the code within YouTube, YouTube I don’t give you the permission to put script tags correctly

Now it’s working and I’m very happy because I was looking for this type of slider since month