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''slide'' transition between tabs

Hello everyone,

For some time, i am trying to figure out how to have tabs ‘‘slide-in’’ on tab switch - Instead of the native fade-in/fade-out.

I found these two projects on codepen and was wondering if this is applicable to the webflow tab component.

Any help is very appriciated,

Kind regards

Hope I understand what you mean :slight_smile:

click the Toggle Preview (little eye) to get out of the preview, then click again the Toggle Preview to see the slides in action -

Hi, thanks for your contribution.

However, this is not what i am aiming for. I tried it with interactions myself, but the slide transition has to be smooth, and the switch should slide the other tab out of view, or slide over the current tab.

Thanks for trying though

Thats what I call “nice try” :slight_smile:

Hey @shokoaviv,
Do you want the tabs to simply show the next content block, with no fade blinking? I was trying to understand… If so look at this menu here and see if this is what you’re looking for: