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Modify Tabs Transition Animation

Hello Sirs,

I would like to modify the tabs transition animation so as to achieve that smooth “fade in” effect, such as you can with a slider. Right now, whenever clicking a tab, the previous tab will fade away completely before the new one fades in.

Please check the page titled Secondary.

Thanks all!

You can achieve similar effects by playing with the “fade in” and “fade out” settings under the tab settings menu. I got it to look pretty good if you set the fade in to 0, and the fad out to 500. It certainly eliminates the tab completely fading away before the new one comes in.

Hey @LJB. Thanks for your input. I’ve tried playing around with those, but can’t achieve the desired effect. I tried as you suggested, and what happens is the current tab fades out to nothing and the new tab appears suddenly. I do not like this result as I find the result too jarring. I’m looking for something smooth. I’d like for the new tab to slowly fade in without hacking to see the empty background behind the tabs. I’ve set up a pattern behind it so that it’s a more styled action, but am wondering if I can get a proper solution.

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