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Slide-to-top Accordion possible with webflow?

Is it possible to assign multiple actions to an accordion item so that the pressed item will jump to the top view? I have created an accordion already. It displays only one item at the time, meaning the previously opened collapses when clicking on a new item. Problem occurs when an item is opened and the previously collapses, the entire thing jumps out of the view. I found an example of what I want to make here:

Is this possible in webflow?


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The example makes the section clicked scroll as high as it can. Basically the definition of an anchor link.

So, build this:

<div ID=nameofID>
<a href="#nameofID">The link</a>

Do this in Webflow, you don’t need custom code. Put the ID of the div in the Settings panel, and call it for the link, in the Settings panel also.