Accordian items go top of page on clicking

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping you may be able to help me. On the below link I have a long list of accordian items, in which some of them have quite a bit of content.

Is it possible that when you click on one of the items, that it pushes that specific accrodian to the top of the page so everything in the dropdown toggle is visible immediately underneath? Almost like when you have an in-page linking, that it just snaps to the top of the window.

Thanks a million in advance,


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So when a visitor clicks the plus sign, it pushes all the other content down?

Hi Gary,

It’s more that when a person clicks on the plus sign, that the accordian jumps to the top of the page, and opens the dropdown pane. These accrodians have a lot of info in them, so it would be ideal that they snap to the top of the page and then open so the user can see all the content immediately.

I hope that makes sense and thanks for responding to me.

All the best,