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Slidder padding cannot be removed

I am using a slider for which I need to remove the right-hand and bottom padding values of 75. Howver much I try, on each of the 3 slides as well as the slider conatiner, it comes back and my images are cropped on a tablet landscape view. Have been trying to crack this for a couple of days now so would appreciate any help!

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Here is my public share link:
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Hi I can’t find any slider in your site actually… where is it?

Hi Vincent, it’s in the black section where the iPhone is displayed. There are 3 slides.

Seems like your images are defined as background images so they don’t get affected by padding anyway…

What you need to do is adapt the bg settings for each breakpoint…

Thanks - yes I would try to reposition the image but there isn’t a Tablet Landscape view available to select…

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