Sitemap.xml won't use Global Canonical Tag URL

The Global Canonical Tag URL is set to

For proxying reasons we publish our site to two domains:

The Global Canonical Tag URL correctly adds the <link rel="canonical"> element to the head on both domains, like so:

<link href="" rel="canonical"/>

However the sitemap.xml both use as the hostname:

I expect the Global Canonical Tag URL to affect the sitemap.xml URLs as well as add the <link> element. Is there another setting for this?

Hey @oodavid , that sounds like a bug I posted in 2017, here-

@nealwhite was kind enough to properly post it as a bug report;

So far no solution. Probably a good one for you to re-raise.

Incidentally, I haven’t found any workable hacks, either. If I have e.g. 10 domains on a site, and they all have to be separate, it appears somewhat random which domain appears in the sitemap.xml. However they all get the same one, regardless.

I’ve tried publishing all domains, and then just publishing ONE domain by itself, in the hopes that this would override all 10 sitemap.xml to contain the domain I want. No dice.

Your only option may be to copy your sitemap.xml, search-and-replace your domains, and then paste it into your site config explicitly.

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Thanks memetician, I’ll see if I can raise that ticket