Need to remove Global canonical tag URL

Hi, I need to remove my blobal canonical tag URL since it hurms my site a lot. Our SEO team is targeting links only to pages with closed / at the end, like “synder .com/ pricing/”, not “synder. com/ pricing”

From the moment I inserted my default domain “” as the global canonical tag all of my canonicals change to the hurmful ones (they are not inxedaxle in robots.txt, that is the plan). Is there’s any way to disable this function?

Here’s the link to the site: Webflow - Other

Thanks in advance!

Hi Vladislav,

In your site-wide SEO settings, just clear the canonical field and it will not generate.

Keep in mind that on Webflow, the URL that does not end in the / is the canonical, and other variations would redirect, e.g. normally /about/ would redirect to the correct canonical /about.

You’re trying to reverse that using a reverse-proxy setup however now you have duplicate pages. rather than redirects.

Nice work updating your sitemap.xml to match.

Note that adding URLs to robots.txt will not prevent them from being indexed, it only prevents them from being crawled. There’s a difference, especially if those pages have already been indexed, adding them to robots.txt will prevent the index from being updated ( including removals ).

Generally it’s better to use the robots noindex META.

Thanks a lot for a quick reply!

Are you saying there’s no way to fix it using Webflow, only via a Cloud I’m using to maintain the site?

UPD: It got fixed simply by clearing the field, thanks! The whole problem caused by my inattention to the details.

Btw have you ever got to deal with sitemaps in Webflow? i have this problem with having 4 Webflow project to 1 websites (Synder), but I’m having only 1 sitemap and other are generating for the domain like (webflow thing)

Not sure what you mean here.

Webflow has sitemap autogen, but it is limited and only works on the site you’re generating it for.
If you have 4 webflow-hosted sites combined together with a reverse proxy, you can either-

  • Manually generate your sitemap

  • Write a special handler in your reverse proxy layer for your sitemap that combines them. I use cloudflare workers for this.