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Sitemap.xml format issues

hi all, the auto generated sitemap is formatted as follows…


but I’ve got a client who wants it like this…


The way that Webflow does it, is it as good as what the client is asking for? If so, do you have a link I can point them to show that what Weblfow does is best practise and it does not need to be in this long format? Or, is what the are asking for actually better?

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I have the same question

Sitemap.xml is auto generated by webflow. Not possible to change the format I a know

Hi, did you find an answer we have the same issue, Cheers

Custom sitemaps can be loaded by going to project settings > SEO and unchecking the Auto-generate Sitemap switch. Once you do, a custom area is shown that you can paste your code into.

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Awesome, thanks so much!!!

@webdev What is the reason that you leave out the other info though? It actually says in the Webflow Settings “When you turn this on, Webflow will automatically update your sitemap when you publish your site, which can help with SEO.”, which suggests it will update the lastmod date to the correct one. Priority might be hard since you kind of would have to set that on a page level, but lastmod is exactly the kind of info only Webflow has and should update the sitemap accordingly.

As it stands Google assumes we never update anything!?

Could you explain why you left it out?

What did I leave out? FYI: I don’t work on Webflow internals. Just a user of the system.

@webdev oh, sorry, I didn’t realize. You have that little tag next to your username, I assumed you actually work at Webflow. My bad :slight_smile:

No, its nothing YOU left out, its about why Webflow leaves out the lastmod date. Anyways, I found this from someone working at Google (from 2015): How to properly format last modified (lastmod) time for xml sitemaps - Stack Overflow

In the answer he says: “The lastmod tag is optional in sitmaps and in most of the cases it’s ignored by search engines, because webmasters are doing a horrible job keeping it accurate.”

So I guess that’s probably the solution already. It’s ignored mostly, because tools like Webflow and other websites are doing a terrible/no job at keeping it accurate. I would have thought if anyone could make it accurate it would be Webflow, but I assume they want to save themselves some computing resources not having to update sitemaps for each and every publish, which could get quite heavy with the number of websites and published changes they probably have to deal with.

Oh well…